Wednesday, July 18, 2012

8 hour baby quilt

This past weekend I made this really quick and totally adorable and comfy baby quilt. It is for Peter's boss who is having a baby girl in October. Since I will be beginning work next week and wasn't doing anything else this weekend I decided to go for it. The one requirement I had for this was that it had to be easy since if I got fancy or anything it likely would not get done.

So I decided to take some scraps I had from the last baby quilt I made and cut them into five inch squares and sew them directly onto a one yard piece of kona white fabric that was basted to a white flannel batting layer and pink flannel back. This gave it a simple rag quilt appearance that I think looks really sweet.

To finish it up I quilted some daisy chains around the edges and large daisies down the middle and green polka dots for the binding.

The binding I did by machine which I am glad I did, there were a few skips on the back but it was pretty simple to fix and I think that this will last much longer than anything that I could do by hand. Plus it was much much quicker. Overall I counted up the hours I spent on this and total with washing I think I spent about 8 hours on it which is pretty amazing for me. Overall very happy with it.

Little Goofs:
There were some skips when I did the machine binding but it was minimal and easily fixed. The only other issue is that some of the daisies look a little special but it gives it that homemade quality....right?

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