Thursday, April 25, 2013


Zomg, I'm back. And yes I did just title the title first post after a long absence is "Stuff", problem?

Well no I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, but here is a slight run down of what has been happening in case any one cares (If not I completely understand just skip down to the pretty pictures):

1. We moved. I now have a room (almost) completely to myself to sew
2. I started planning the wedding (finally, 3 years after being proposed to and after 7+ years of being together, Date :November and that is all that you are getting on here)
3. I started a Mario themed quilt for Peter (pictures when I have more progress)
4. I finished this wall hanging of a mario mushroom:

Now you may be wondering why I am making a Mario themed quilt and a Mario Mushroom wall hanging. Well...(get ready for the shameless plug)....

My friend Matt is doing a charity video game marathon for the charity Child's Play. Child's Play is a charity that provides video games and other entertainment to children that are in Children's Hospitals across the country. To raise money he is auctioning off video game themed crafts. I decided this would be simple enough and I was pretty much right. This came together in just about a month and I even have a week to spare. Anyways if you are interested in donating to Child's Play, watching the madness unfold during the marathon, or want a chance to win that beauty go over here on May 6th-9th.

Oh and also...I bought this....

Yeah that's nearly ten pounds of fabric.....maybe you'll be seeing more from me on here soon.