Friday, May 25, 2012


A girl that I went to school with is having a baby and is due anytime now. I started making this quilt about 5 months ago when I found out she was pregnant.

It has gone through many iterations trying to make it what I thought of in my mind. I wanted to base the quilt around this print that I found at JoAnn's.

Now lets see if she holds on a couple more days so I can give it to her in person on Monday!

Little Goofs for this quilt:
The binding!! I can't seem to get it right. This time seemed to be a little better than the last baby quilt I made but not perfect. I have no idea what it is I am doing wrong.

Oh and I would be remiss to mention half of this was done on my new machine! I will post about that this weekend and tell you all about it then.

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  1. Loving the colourway and the vertical piecing on the back - what a fab present :)