Thursday, February 16, 2012

V-day Table Runner

Its done. Took me about a month when it really shouldn't have. I started quilting it with red thread on the back and white on the front but my machine was having fits with the tension so it looked horrible. So I went and ripped out all of the stitches.
I finally settled on this for the quilting....

It worked out kinda perfect actually.

Here is the back.

And in full disclosure my "Little Goofs" that I made on this quilt
1. The quilting like stated above
2. The binding, I somehow forgot to fold over the fabric before sewing it onto the quilt. It didn't end up being such a big deal because I just folded it over and ironed before sewing it onto the back.
3. I finished the morning after V-day...oops.

But #2 brings me to why I have a really difficult time finishing quilts...the binding. I ALWAYS have some sort of issue with it. This time it ended up looking fine in the end but I held myself up finishing it because I really had a hard time getting over my fear of binding. Something I'm sure I will get over with more practice.


  1. You're right, practice, practice, practice! I find that the easiest quilt size when working on binding is about 24-36 inches square. It's not too big to be overwhelming, but not too small to be difficult (with too short sides). Anyways, I love how the red thread quilting pops on the white sections. Awesome!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I will be be practicing on smaller pieces, especially until I can get a better sewing machine (It is so frustrating quilting anything larger than a baby quilt on the one I have now).

  2. Aww it's super cute with those quilted hearts! You did a great job! Stopping by from Sew Many Ways :)

    Gen @

  3. I love this table runner - very cute :) I understand your frustrations... I've had similar problems lately. But we just keep trucking along and learning along the way!