Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainy Day

It is an ugly cold rainy day here today. Stayed home from the lab and ended up going with the fiance to his grandmother's house to do a little bit of last cleaning and claiming before they put up the remainder of the stuff for auction. In all I have claimed 3 antique quilts from her house. Unfortunately before I was able to get there 2 had already been sent to the dry cleaner. Have you ever seen an antique quilt come back from the dry cleaner? Lets just say it is not pretty. I would post pictures but like I said it is dark and gloomy and I just know that I wouldn't be able to get any good shots.

I'm trying to decide how to best handle them. They have no sentimental value to me but they might for my soon to be mother in law and don't want to hurt her if I decide to cut them up and try and salvage what I can. However to leave them in the state they are in now would be just as bad. I think I might try to make pillows out of squares that are still in one piece and possibly take the best pieces and frame them. Any other ideas?

Eclipse update... I have worked a little more on it but again no new pics. The way I have it drawn there is still another half of the quilt to go, however it is getting quiet large for a wall hanging quilt that I pictured it to be. Going to think about it some more and decide whether I want to continue as planned or stop where I'm at with piecing. For now though I am going to continue my cleaning so I can fit all my 'new' finds from today in my tiny apartment somewhere.

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